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Introduction of pulsed light sterilization technology

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Introduction of pulsed light sterilization technology

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Pulsed light sterilization lamp a safe (no mercury), strong, energy saving new cold sterilization technology.

As a new processing technology, a wide spectrum of "white light" is used to kill the microorganisms in food and packaging.

A powerful flash of light like the sun's light to extend the shelf life of food and the killing of microorganisms on packaging materials. This process is created by the California pure pulse technology company, the business name is called pure light (Bright Pure).

1, pulse light

The pulsed light system is produced by the engineering process, which makes the force increase many times. In an energy storage capacitor, the relatively long time (a second fraction) so that the savings of power is amplified, and the release of the stored energy in a very short period of time (a second or 1/1000 ppm), to play the work. The result is very high cycle function (power), and has only the average force consumption consumption is not excessive. For applications in food and packaging, the stored energy pulse is an inert gas lamp, which can produce a strong flash of only one hundred seconds (a million seconds).

Although the amplitude, period and pulse intensity spectra very useful for food processing and packaging, the creation of pulsed light on wide spectrum, "white" light flash with wavelength from ultraviolet to near infrared.Lmm about 200nm. The spectral distribution is similar to the solar light, with a peak emission between 400 and 500nm, while each pulse light flashes 20000 times the intensity of the ultraviolet wavelength of the solar radiation, which is about times that of the earth's atmosphere after the earth's atmosphere. Because the pulsed light is too long, it can not make small molecules ionized, but in the electromagnetic spectrum of non ionized part.

On the surface of the light energy density (Fiuenc) can be detected, or the per unit area of the incident light energy, that is, per square centimeter on the Joule (Joule; abbreviated J). L Joule is less than 1/4 card, so the LG water is higher than the energy of 4 L.

2, anti microbial effect

The biological effect of ultraviolet wavelength in the pulse light spectrum has been on record. The anti microbial effect of these wavelengths is mediated by the absorption of carbon one to one carbon double bond in the protein and nucleic acid. Many researchers in this field have been widely discussed. Anti microbial effects from one to several pulse flashes. In 2 accompany with standard agar's dish, drip 7 drops (with every drop of diffusion into 1cm2), every drop contains twice series dilution of the golden stool Staphylococcus ATCC2761 and TSB culture, a tablet for pulsed light treatment. Exposure before incubation. 2 0.75J/cm2 fluence pulse flash, that is, the total amount of injection of 1.5J/cm2. Another flat plate is not treated as a control. It was found that the concentration of Staphylococcus aureus could kill up to 107CFU/cm2.

And that a single 0.5 L J/cm2 flash, the monocyte 105/cm2 concentration increased in Escherichia coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus pumilus bacillus and Aspergillus niger conidial no survival; with each flash 1J/cm2 shine several times, the M2 has 7 bacteria per 9 of the number of reduction.

3, the pulse of the benefits

Compared with the non pulsed or continuous wave (CW) UV source, the pulse light shows a significant higher killing effect, and a high level of exposure of the microorganisms to a few pulse flash can kill the user. The clock per second can provide a few to more than a dozen flash, and in a fraction of a second can be completely high level of sterilization. So it may have a high rate of material passing through. Compared with strong CWUV C and a mercury vapor lamp, several pulse light flash can kill 7 log above Niger Brussels, while the former is not very effective, and has greatly increased the exposure time and improve the bactericidal effect of little or no.

4, the treatment of food

The pulse of shelf life for all kinds of food to provide people the attention light and prolong preservation benefit. In the pulsed light treatment, baking food, seafood and meat, fruit and vegetables, and many other food, show the microorganisms on load reduction, increase shelf life, increase safety, and no change of nutritional properties.

Bakery: 2 non packaged bread, each cut into two halves, stored in the laboratory of polyethylene film bag, untreated samples on 5~7 days at room temperature in memory, fungal colonies appeared after 11 days, the same situation is covered with mildew; pulsed light treatment, 11 days no signs of mildew. The same results from other baked goods such as bread, chocolate cake, GREE cup mold bake pies, and get Cream Polenta Cake bagels.

Seafood: peel shrimp (shrimp) light and stored in the refrigerator for 7 days, still edible by pulse, while the untreated shrimp showed extensive microbial degradation, discoloration and odor, inedible. Fish pulsed light treatment, the microbiological and sensory shelf life has great extension.

Meat: after extensive tests on various meat, can be used to display the pulse light strengthen the shelf life and the safety of products; recycling of all types of microbial counts can be reduced by 1 to 3 log. The mixture of light chicken wings in three strains of Salmonella in the (after 5 minutes to make bacteria inoculated samples), cm2 (about 5logs/ among high level) and 2logs/ cm2 (low level), by using pulsed light treatment, the number of bacteria decreased to similar 2logs/ cm2. In order to Listeria inoculated on pork and beef mixed harmless enema, 3 inoculation and 5logs/ cm2 enema corresponding to the low and high level, has been reduced to 2logs light pulse. Using the 30J/ cm2 total injection volume, through the analysis of the nutritional composition and protein, riboflavin, nitro amine, benzopyrene and vitamin C and the untreated samples without distinction.

Riboflavin can strongly absorb visible light, and the degradation of light, heat and oxidation sensitive, the results from beef, chicken and fish, shows that even an excess of pulsed light treatment, does not affect the concentration of riboflavin.

Many experiments on retail beef confirmed that the efficacy of pulsed light is significant in improving the quality of the life of the shelf life of the microbiology and the senses. Pulse light is non selective, when it is used to deal with meat, all exposure of microorganisms can be killed, total aerobic bacteria count, lactic acid bacteria, intestinal bacteria and Pseudomonas count alike to reduce the number of about 3 a 1.

Pulsed light treatment on media, packaging or related to the sample surface, and the complex surface like meat that (there is a small surface concave and fissures and folds, to avoid exposure, can cause microbial) generally a logarithmic reduction of 1 to 3.

Water: pulse light can also be used as an effective treatment for drinking water or combined water. Light treatment effectiveness of water potential in pulse mode test laboratory showed that the terrigenous Clay Bhai S bacteria, Cryptococcus spore by small oocysts, and suspended in water or other microbial inactivation effect were high; while the city water supply system of chlorine treatment method and traditional UV water treatment effect. The only oocysts were not taken seriously, and Cryptococcus spore mildew (outbreak is now large-scale Cryptococcus spore mildew) oocysts of chemicals such as KMnO4 and fixed resistance agent.

The test of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control Miehael Arrowood's use of mice in vivo for detection of infectious oocysts, small Cryptococcus spore mildew originally containing 6 or 7logs/ml terrigenous Clay Bhai S bacterial suspension and the suspension of 6 or 7logs/ml, with 2 pulse flash processing, each flash is less than 0.5J/ cm2, enough so that no live bacteria exist. By a flash of pulsed light in the cm2 1J/, you can make the bacteria to become infected with no infection.

5, the status quo and the economy

As mentioned above, on the surface or transparent medium such as water can let light pass through, with high level of pulsed light to kill microorganisms, irregular and opaque food surface, some microorganisms can be hidden, but the surface even like meat as highly irregular, pulsed light can also lead to the total number of 1 to 3 pairs of microorganisms reduction. The results may extend the shelf life of food and reduce the pathogenic microorganism.

Approval of the food and Drug Administration

The production and processing of pulsed UV light and the treatment of food

Food and Drug Administration of the United States

(FDA) approved by the Ministry of health and human services, the use of pulsed UV light can be used in food production, processing and processing. Approval code for 21CFR179.41.

Chapter 1 - the Department of health and human services, the United States Food and Drug Administration

The 179th part - the production, processing and processing of food B parts - radiation and radiation resources per second 179.41 pulses of light processing and processing of food

Pulsed light can be safely used for processing and handling food under the following conditions:

(a) the wavelength coverage of the radiation emitted by the radiation resource comprising a pulsed light lamp is 200 to 1000 nm, and the pulse duration is not longer than 2 ms;

(two) for the treatment of surface microbial control;;

(three) the minimum technical requirements for the processing of food with strong pulse light should be used to complete the intended effect;

Adaptive domain

Disinfection of drinking water for industrial use

Description: used in household direct drinking machine, small household water purification equipment, food processing equipment, water treatment equipment, pure water, mineral water treatment equipment, such as drinking water treatment equipment.

Sewage treatment equipment for large scale treatment of small treatment equipment

Description: used in domestic sewage, industrial waste water, swimming pool, sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant sewage treatment equipment, but also can be applied to large sewage treatment plant sewage treatment equipment, strong processing capacity.

Beverage food sterilization beverage sterilization equipment food sterilization equipment

Description: used in beverage sterilization equipment, if the juice, milk, soft drinks, tea drinks, Soybean Milk, and its application in solid food and drug surface sterilization equipment, such as peanuts, melon seeds, candy, bread and various capsules.

Object surface sterilization packaging sterilization disinfection cabinet

Description: used in portable sterilization lamp, all kinds of packaging sterilization equipment, disinfection cabinet, wardrobe, refrigerator, medical equipment disinfection equipment, public goods disinfection equipment.

Air sterilization small air sterilization large air sterilization

Description: used in small air purifier, car air sterilization, indoor air conditioning, central air conditioning and other types of air purification and disinfection equipment.

Greenhouse cultivation of light curing light curing equipment

Note: each application of UV curing technology, including auto parts, wood curing, electronic devices, integrated circuits, glasses industry bonding, coating, coating, printing, printing, injection, and greenhouse cultivation room auxiliary plant growth, pest control.

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